SR Jumbles

Being a perpetual hunter of amazing materials for my headpieces & adornments 
label Spontaneous RealityI always stumble upon a mix of amazing things along my travels. 
In order to start sharing some of these vintage finds I've opened a small shop called 
"Spontaneous Reality Jumblein which to spread the love of finding lost treasures. 

take a peek & enjoy,   
xx SR

Liberating Light

The presence of spring slowly emerges. 
Our time patiently awaiting the suns return is coming to an end.
Nature peeks out after a dark winter in small pops of color. In the prolonged evening sunlight, 
I notice small buds on trees and my sage plant sprouting small purple flowers. 
With the glowing essence of this magical time of renewal just around the corner, 
I'm reminded of the light and space works of artists James Turrell. 
His latest ongoing work "Roden Crater" in the Arizona desert has me totally mesmerized, 
as does the below video of his piece at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg museum, in Germany.
 I hope to one day I get to wonder out to the desert to experience it for myself.
In homage to the shinning light, 
enjoy, Xx SR▲

 top photo of Roden Carter via

An Imbolc Rest


Wisdom of early spring time, shows us the essence of being patient. The power of doing 
things at the right time is an art nature perfected. As spring awakens, plants come out of
deep sleep at their own time. We too setting our hectic schedules aside patiently await
the warmth, learning wise lessons along the way. The beautiful work of photographer 
Emma Kidiel to me captures this feeling of of early spring & its lessons.  
In celebration of the celtic holiday of Imbolc, have a restful early spring lovelies!


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