through our eyes the universe is perceiving itself
and through our ears the universe is listening to its cosmic harmonys
we are the witness to which the universe becomes conscious of its magnificence

growing into myself moment by moment, I turn a year older tomorrow.
 thank you universe and all in it for letting me spread my love!

  images via inflated /deflated

Moonrise Kingdom

The trailer from a story about a pair of two twelve-year-old lovers.
Wes Anderson’s new film Moonrise Kingdom.

Constructed Landscapes

Inspired today by works of environmental artists Nicole Dextras 
and her wondrous weedrobes organic marvels.

Forward In Motion


 Returned from a mini adventure in sunny florida,  feeling renewed & grounded from eating oranges 
off the trees & swimming in the vast ocean waters.
Now back to creating, exciting projects are in the works so stay tuned.
Also to make room for new shinny things on the horizon, the shop
has free shipping for the rest of the month!


via playpoi

With the new years beginning Spontaneous Reality wishes you much love & light
for the year ahead. Many cosmic sparkles for all the curious adventures & senedipidous 
moments we will all have throughout the year & beyond.
Happy spontaneous living in 2012.

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