Tree Diaries #1

Being a lover of the earth, naturally I'm completely
obsessed with trees.
Not only are they essential for our well being
they provide endless inspiration and wonderment.

This is a small by-weekly diary of all things of goodness
dedicated to
one of my most beloved: the trees!

Tree Diaries#1
Rainbow Eucalyptus

photo credits: first, second, third, fourth

Known for being the most colorful tree on earth.
As the rainbow bark sheds it's colors the trees age is reveled.
Freshly shed outer bark will reveal the bright green inner bark.
Over time this darkens and changes from blue to purple
and then reaches orange and maroon tones.
It is the only Eucalyptus species found naturally
in the Northern Hemisphere,
Definitely the coolest tree around!


Thank you tree spirit

The cosmic wish tree continues on Toronto island, if your up for a wander...find
this magical place and send some love vibrations to our earth.

Thank you Talia and everyone involved in making the thought manifest into reality!

Love , Light & Happy Summer Solstice!

Island of Trees

Join us at the festival for the trees!
Share the love of nature, for when they exhale, we breath.

The Splendor of Being

“Your spirit and my spirit are ONE”

Small bursts of Indigo Light

Dance in the ever-widening waves of being, playful and
free. We are all one vibrational energy of love.
Have a happy week end of frolics everyone!
image via strange eyes.

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