Reminiscing Beginnings

 Rediscovering past treasures whilst packing to move into a new studio this week! 
Makes me pause to take a moment to reflect on how far my work has evolved since 
humble beginnings in 2009. Between rolling hills in the Sussex countryside making hand dyed silk hairbands with collected feathers, braiding them in flowered fields dreaming of a goddess within. 
what a wonderful journey it has been and still is!

           Stay tuned for more magical treasures coming out very soon...
Until then check out a little giveaway we're having along with an enchanted pixie,
with chances to win a Crimson Summer Goddess Headpiece...check it out HERE!

New Treasures

Some new treasures added to the shop this new moon week! 
The Atlantis Goddess Headpiece & Armlet (shone above) is one of my personal favorites, 
because of the various ways it can be worn, definitively an empowering amulet!
I'm restocking one many customers favorites, Earth Dance natural drops, like a party on your ears!
Also added are some beautiful stone necklaces in Onyx, Quartz & Agate with Turquoise.


Some new vintage  treats were also added at the SR Jumble!
So perfect for these beautiful summer days we're having...enjoy.

Happy Beltaine

The ancient festival of Beltaine is celebrated around May 1st. 
It's a time to celebrate the earth in bloom, fire, abundance, fertility
and all the bounty of natures beauty. Artist Kathy Klein captures the
spirit of Beltaine so beautifully with her Danmala flower works,
 I couldn't resist sharing! Mandalas are so breathtaking beautiful, 
especially when there made of flowers! Can't wait to create one of my own.
 Happy May celebrations lovelies!

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