Yarn Bombing

I've been seeing many wonderfully
random tree installations
popping up all over the city this summer.
Here is some yarn bombing that
appeared in the local park.
creator unknown

Weekend of Workshops!

Dream Catcher Workshop!
this Sunday Aug 29th
@ kensington market
in front of the Rage
(#2 kensington ave)

Wander down to the market this Sunday
and create your very own dream catcher!
Feel free to bring your own personal
trinkets to decorate or use the
lovely materials provided
It will be fun in the sun!

with love,


Art Show Fundraiser Workshop

Come join Spontaneous Reality for an end of summer
workshop for the art show fundraiser party for SEED

"Our mission is to mobilize individuals towards
the realization of their personal potential.
We do this by investing in education,
as we believe that the knowledge, social development,
and cognitive tools that are developed through learning
create a foundation which allows people to positively affect
their own conditions and the conditions of those around them".

For one student in Zambia & Kenya to go to school
for a year costs $85 CDN.
SEED establishes relationships between students and donors.
The donors provide the children with a
scholarship so they can go to school.

Spread the love and come make a dream catcher for SEED!


Upcoming Workshop Alert!

Wild Flower Headwear Workshop!
this Sunday Aug 22nd
@ kensington market

in front of the Rage
(#2 kensington ave)

Put your little fingers to play whist
the aromatic nature of wild flowers
swirls in the breeze around you.
Thus is the delicate process of
creating wild flower headwear!

with love,

spontaneous reality

Micro Sculptures

Miniature masterpieces by
professional carpenter
Dalton Ghetti

via kronikle.kidrobot.com

Forest Daze

"Let go of the idea that the
will lead you to your goal.
The truth is that
with each step
we take, we arrive.

Repeat that to yourself
every morning:

‘I’ve arrived.’
That way you’ll find
it much
easier to stay in touch
with each second of your day."

Paulo Coelho

Enchanted △ Forests

Have a lovely weekend of spontaneous adventure
everyone! I'm heading to the forest... and beyond

Tree Diary #2 Pando

Tree Diaries # 2  

The amazing Pando in Utah, USA. The 105-acre tribe 
of quaking aspens consisting of genetically identical 
trees connected by a single root system, making Pando 
the largest known living organism at 80,000 yrs old!  
The quaking quality refers to the way the leaves 
 tremble in even the slightest breeze. A whole
forest of trembling identical trees... simply beautiful! 

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