Experiments in Snow

Experiencing first northern winter in many years. 
With such an abundance of frozeness surrounding me 
I adventured into my first snow dying session of the year. 
Snow & silk and a little bit of alchemical magic create the most unexpected surprises.
Seeing as the snow keeps falling around these parts, my adventures into dying will continue.


It's Almost Springtime!

It's almost springtime, and my two hands have been busily creating away here in the studio.
Till the march launch, there's much on sale at the shop.

Creating Under an Aquarius Moon

Making magic happen on a chilly February morning.
Sharing a sneak peek on set with the talented Vai
I was seriously in awe of all pieces by designer Monica Saraguro, such intricate craftsmanship.
It was such an inspiration to be surrounded by such talented crew of women. 
Deep thank you to you all involved for your energy & creative collaborative flow. 

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