All the Sparkly Bits of Life

Etsy Toronto Meetup
I had to go home with one of those Etsy party pom poms...little pieces of magic!

June has been full of adventures & joy. Starting a new life feels 
like a flower opening in slow motion within the chaos. This month has
been full of meeting & greeting, fresh new studio, my adornments 
making homes in new & exciting places & most of all soaking up the sunshine!
Life is beautiful & I'm so grateful to be sharing little moments with you all.

You can now find my headpieces & adornments in The Fairies Pyjamas Toronto Boutique!


                     New rainbow colors options are now available for the day dreamers earrings

New Goddess Headpieces,  this pearl dream is called Deity Dance.

Also newly released Sparkle your Truth hairpiece & the Warrior Goddess Cuff

Etsy Toronto Meetup, me with the "S" of course

ॐ HOME ॐ

Back from a rejuvenating magical forest solstice celebration!
I hope you all got a chance to be outdoors & soak up the pure solar love on the longest day
of the year. I'm all charged up and now in the sun filled studio creating away. 
New goddess gear is about to be unveiled, so excited.
with so much love,

Golden Sun

In these hot hazy summer days, I seem only be dreaming of cool pools, 
ice cream sandwiches & hammocks,  but the creating must carry on. 
The new relocated SR studio is coming together very nicely & some very delicious 
treats are soon to hit the shop on the long awaited summer solstice new moon.
Till then I'll be seeking peace in the simple pleasures under the golden sunshine.
How are you all spending these golden days?
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