Riders of the Storm

*As spring time ascends on us, all the pretty cycles
come out to play. Some inspiring bicycle photos for
allthose bicycle lovers, and my precious
ride at the bottom!

Ride on Earth Child

Nila and the Rajas

Here are some little logos I did for the lovely band
Nila and the Rajas.
If your in and around London town
on the 30th of march check them out
at Cafe 1001 on brick lane!

Design Development

New found vintage treasures from the
Brooklyn flea market...soon to be given
the spontaneous touch!

Mondays Inspirations

Do something everyday regardless.
Nothing will happen unless you first initiate
the process of cause and effect.
This starts with an action.
Reawaken the possibility of possibility.
Reawaken it with play!

Chanel Global Warming

The Chanel iceberg for winter 2010!

Time, Space & Gravity

A treat to myself for having a rough day,
cranberry & oat cookies make everything better!

Encounters at the end of the World

Watched the documentary Encounters at the end of the world,last night which I found to be deeply inspiring.
The seal calls are truly natures organic psychedelic music!

One of my favorite lines which really stuck out to me....

"through our eyes the universe is perceiving itself,
and through our ears the universe is
to it's cosmic harmonys.
We are the witness to which the universe
becomes conscience
of it's magnificence!"

Emerging Shadows

New life in Toronto:
old creaking floorboards, twinkling city lights,
shiny basketted bikes,
long walks, distant guitar cords, sun salutations,
vintage discoveries,
midnight sketches, road side flowers,
dewy dusks, tea & honey!

Hunter Gatherers

New adventure adornment at my esty shop.
Become a hunter gatherer and enjoy the sun!

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