Winter Solstice

Long walks through the forest, collecting natures treasures before the white blanket covers all.
Making tall grass crowns a reminder of sun filled days. My ever growing collection of seeds continues, these fuzzy seeds of a unknown tree, my mom brought to me from a trip to texas.
Welcoming the cold darkness time of introspection, till the sun peaks out again. 
Have a wonderful winter solstice lovelies.

all in the name

a little trip to the botanical gardens had me amusing 
at the botanical vs. common names of plant species.


Chance Encounters

Murmuration of starlings from Sophie Windsor Clive.


 Sending & Receiving much love from the earth & all on this day!
we are all Living One Vibrational Energy
via the human mandala project

Danmark er dejlig - Denmark is Delightful

Earlier this fall I spent a month wandering the streets of Copenhagen 
eating pastries & riding bikes. Somehow I never got around to posting photos til now, 
here's a little taste of the magic, enjoy!


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