Traveling Color Compass

professional dreamer necklace - SR
"Let your heart be your compass and be brave to ride the wave of your imagination"
 the making of SS 2011 collection
earth's awe inspiring colors from satellite images via oceanofmind
detail from flower headwear workshop @ new gallery london
details from my traveling studio
coloured mountains of Landmannalaugar, Iceland
the making of SS 2011 collection
wild flowers via oceanofmind
 beauty,  mystery & foolishness - source unknown
2011 has been a incredibly exciting and hectic year so far, 
above are moments of creating, colorful inspiration & visual 
expressions of emotions. I've been living & working in London for 
a month or so and the ever flowing energies of this city have 
definitely had there effect! Between  markets, birthdays, travels, 
merriment, workshops, custom pieces & moon lite moors 
photo shoots...I've had my hands full and loved every moment.  
Preparing for the next adventure, which begins in a week!
Wish me luck

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