DIY Candles

Making DIY Candles from Recycled Wax & Beer Cans!
With found wax left outside a candle factory & beer cans
from the last house party, equals a wicked diy weekend project.

twine for wick
beer cans
wax (recycled if possible)
pliers & scissors
can opener
stove & pot
sieve (bend square can metal into cone shape)

(clean out cans before you start this project!)
               1. In large pot melt chunk of wax until liquefied. 
(make sure area is ventilated, as wax flumes are toxic!)
           2. Prepare can by measuring twine wick to the full length of the can 
       leaving extra wick on the top, tie knot on the end.
 3. Cut a slit in the opening, place wick in slit and let excess hang over the top.
 4. With sieve pour wax into the can
(to make a sieve: cut square piece of can & fold into a cone shape)
5. Let wax harden....approx 1hr in cool & dry place
6. Once fully hardened, Open can with can opener
7. Once the top is off, cut a slit into the side

8. Using pliers (as it's very sharp) peel off can from candle
9. Cut wick to a desired length
10. Light & Enjoy!

Try this project out for yourselves. 
Experiment using different candle molds, 
but beware that some may melt from the hot wax. 
You can also add colors & scents and anything else 
you can think of to make the creation of your choosing.

Happy Crafting 

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