Kaleidoscope Eyes

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Looking at the world through a vivid kaleidoscope
goggles that transforms reality into light,
color and positiveness.

Happy crafting everyone!


Anonymous said...

i get the picture with the multi-colored fish, that's beautiful beacause there swimming in the water, it's natural; which brings me to my question: WHY? What is with people obssessed with turning animals into something there not? i hope to god those colours are either easy wash-out (not permanent), or they're photo-shopped, otherwise i don't get it. they're not your own personal canvas, they're not dolls or miniature people to dress up, or put in baby carriages or to carry around in a purse. if those animals are PERMANENTLY dyed, i must ask, how much free time do you have on your hands and how STUPID are you to do something like that? with no regrets? NICE GOING, THE ANIMAL HAS TO LOOK LIKE THAT FOR... EVER NOW BECAUSE OF YOU. do you want to walk around completey purple, or pink, permanently? no? i didnt think so.

Anonymous said...

if those colors are not permanent, or are photoshopped u could mention it. it wud be nice

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