Pastel Candy Dreamscapes

Delicious pastel silks & delicate laces set the dream state tone for a late summer shoot this week.
We frolicked amongst the willows in golden light, were all was magical & free.
Spot 6 & Tomorrow Never Knows for the dreamiest shoot I've ever styled.
Can't wait to share the photos & headpieces with you all!
All treasures will be released in Aug with many exciting plans on the horizon, 
With candy coated blessing...
oh so dreamy pink silks....with the sparkle your truth headband

dyed vintage bustier's  by Tomorrow Never Knows...seriously wow!

beautiful sea foam toned fabrics
New arrival... carnival headpiece with colorful rhinestones drops
A behind scenes of  peek at a nymph photo shoot for my late summer headpieces!
ribbon detailing from a 70's lace wedding gown, from Rozaneh Vintage

totally fell in love with a 1930's lace jacket with pearl buttons...had to have it for my own!

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