Goddess Guide to Style

Feeling like a goddess inwardly usually starts with a healthy dose
of confidence & the right attitude. Although adorning yourself 
in beautiful objects never fails to empower inside & out!
Here's a small guide to dressing like a goddess.
jasmyn eliza's hippy feet via etsy
What better feeling is there to have your feet
firmly planted on solid mother earth.
Being barefoot is one of lives simple pleasures,
not to mention extremely energetically grounding! 

marvelous dress by jonnyjade, nienna dress by zhennymph, you got me floatin' by girlonavine via etsy
Cover yourself in some serious goddess diggs! 
Amazing colors, soft textures & bold prints.
Long floating styles, easy to wear with lots
of movement, pieces that suit your style 
& make your inner radiance shine outwards.

vintage boots MacalistaireAt1850 & headpieces by SR via etsy, photos via bohemian punk

Lastly but most important, like a cherry on top....adornment!
All manner of mystical jewels & amulets, magical curiosities, 
charms and stacks of rings the more the better!  
Tribal arm cuffs and of course crown chakra jewels 
set a goddess apart from the rest, showing their inner ethereal strength. 
Pouches filled with crystals, herbs & oils....for every goddess
 is as mystical as the earth itself!
Live by the sun, 
love by the moon...
and power to the earth goddess in us all!

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