Rainbow Visions

Alexander McQueen shipwrecked dress 2003

"Light is the only energy 
we can see, and we see it
in the form of color."

via another mag loves

As I create in my nook studio showered by ever evolving rainbows
from the light reflecting in the crystals surrounding me,
I am grateful to be energized by colored light all day long!

One sunny day...drifting from a dreamstate 
I had a vision inspired by the rainbow light.
Using recycled materials I crafted this rainbow wonder
into reality. During time spent in the rolling country hills, 
hand dying in the country breeze 
these little pouches started a magic life of their own.


Now spontaneously wondering the world, the pouches carry
on their magic of rainbow delights.
I'm currently making custom orders of psychedelic colors for the 
festival season ahead.
Enjoy the summer sunshine!


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Mano y Metal said...


Hi! I found you on Upcyclers team page. I am your newest follower!
Hope you can stop by my blog and follow too, I love networking with other artists!

:D Have a great day.

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