Change is in the Air

Fluorite Octahedron Amulets

Hello lovelies, huge thanks for sticking through this adventure
thus far. With much contemplation, I've decided to move my
journal here:

Since my time is best spent spontaneously creating and living,
And I have never been much for the next journey 
is more of a series of images of my world.
Hope you like & take peek.
With love & light,
~ N

"Silent Dialogues On Silk"

My slow fashion experimentation is coming to completion,
naturally that means it's time to share & tell tales.
"Silent Dialogues on Silk"
Tells tales of the spontaneous convergence
of snow and pigments.
Happy to be releasing my labor of love 
I've been tinkering with for the past month out to the world!
Have a peek and tell me which is your favorite.

Delights of Detriot

Took a trip to Detroit as few weeks ago...very inspiring place to say the least.
Here's is a few sights to be seen from local artists at the Heidelberg Project.

Experiments in Snow

Experiencing first northern winter in many years. 
With such an abundance of frozeness surrounding me 
I adventured into my first snow dying session of the year. 
Snow & silk and a little bit of alchemical magic create the most unexpected surprises.
Seeing as the snow keeps falling around these parts, my adventures into dying will continue.


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